Care Homes

eCase: Care Home Management Software

eCase care home management software by Health Metrics is designed to improve all care procedures within care homes, to benefit both care home managers, carers and residents.


Why choose eCase care home management software?

We’re the only care home software provider in the UK that is intuitive and designed to assist staff in care homes to deal with the full spectrum of tasks and beyond.

For management

Home care rostering software, GPS tracking, decision support, quoting, reporting & more

For clients

Live more independently, enjoy better care and peace of mind due to eCase care software demonstrating what care has been received

For carers

Care coordination software, seamless handovers, instant access to electronic care plans, health status & more

For families

Notifications and alerts of health status, access to care notes & more

What are the core benefits of eCase care home software?

  • Care Module

Managers can have full transparency of all aspects of care delivery. Access assessments, charts, electronic care plans, progress notes, registers and workflows of a resident. Add items to the work log and set up as an alert in handovers and more to ensure accuracy.

  • Business Intelligence Module

Care home owners,managers and senior staff can retrieve, analyse and report on key performance metrics, enabling them to always be one step ahead with procedures, legislation and best practice.

Other features of care home software modules:

For a full list of modules please visit the eCase page. For further questions or to book a demo, please contact us.