Domiciliary Care

eCase: Domiciliary Care Software

eCase domiciliary care software is specifically designed to support all aspects of care needed from domiciliary and home care systems.


Why choose eCase domiciliary care software?

eCase care software was developed to be ‘person-centred’, ensuring that service users’ requirements and preferences are automatically matched to your care staff’s skills. Our home care software is intuitive; through a superior rostering function it recognises the way you allocate staff and roster. This becomes predictive over time as it ‘learns’ allowing you to roster thousands of hours at a single click of a button.

For care home management

Easy access to all resident details, reporting, improve KPIs, confirm procedures & more

For residents & circle of care

Access to more efficient care, enforced regulations and accuracy within all areas of care

For carers

Create electronic care plans, log progress notes, automated workflows with care suggestions & more

For families

Check up on your loved ones at any time; access their care records for peace of mind & more

What are the core benefits of eCase home care software?

eCase home care software by Health Metrics enables customers to go paperless, improve accuracy, reduce risk and provide more efficient care. Each eCase module is designed to specifically support an area of domiciliary care, including but not limited to:

  • Core Module (Prerequisite)

Carer teams are provided with instant access to their client details, referrals, diagnosis, alerts, and contacts for seamless handovers. Care Managers can oversee organisational functions with superior reporting outcomes, making decision making easier and more accurate.

  • E Rostering (Optional)

Rostering is automatic – our home care software allocates services and clients to staff based on their respective profiles and requirements. Carers can use the GPS mapping to follow visual routes and travel times. Managers can then track their location with geo-stamps along with start and finishing times, providing a multitude of advantages and robust reporting.

Other features of domiciliary care software modules include:

  • Quote generation
  • Activity configuration
  • Client-Carer matching
  • Automated service plans
  • Single Client Record Architecture
  • Report generation
  • Predictive analysis of required consumables
  • Secure log in for allied health and other services
  • Integration with financial systems

For a full list of modules please visit the eCase page. For further questions or to book a demo, please contact us.

For a full list of modules please visit the eCase page, where you can find a full breakdown of how eCase can work for you. Alternatively if you’d like more information or to book a demo please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.