About eCase

What is eCase Care Management Software?

eCase is an enterprise care management software for domiciliary care, care homes and independent or assisted living. The software consists of a prerequisite care module and additional add on modules, each designed to serve different purposes within care. It is highly intuitive and user friendly; deploying the care software is a rapid process, meaning that training staff is straightforward and time efficient.

How does eCase work?

eCase can be accessed by users on a web browser, and runs either as cloud infrastructure (SaaS), or with an in-house application. This means that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere (on and off premise) and on any device provided it has a web browser. Third party communication tools or a VPN connection is not required for the care software to run smoothly.

eCase care management software is highly secure; you decide who can access what information, where and when.

Run the eCase software on any device including phone, tablet and desktop

Completely intuitive; adapts to the residents needs based on data input

Easy to use and quick to learn; for all computer abilities

What makes the eCase care software different?

eCase is quick and easy to set up, and is scalable to operate across any size of organisation, without losing performance. Most importantly, it is intuitive. It doesn’t just record, eCase analyses and adapts alerts, care plans, reports and more with every data input to better care for each person. With constant innovation behind the care software and greater knowledge of the reporting environment and care requirements, it provides superior outcomes for both carers and residents.

Anyone can use eCase

eCase care management software has a modern and consistent user interface where the ‘person’ is central to all functionality. In most instances information is found within two clicks. The interface is instinctive and ‘web-familiar’, making it easier to learn and faster to use. Each aspect of the care software is customisable to suit different levels of literacy and computer knowledge, with predictive text, standardised terms, recognisable icons and symbols.

eCase Care Software Modules

There are modules of Health Metrics care management software including a prerequisite core module that provides:

  • Resident Management
  • Alerts & Workflow
  • Decision Support
  • Basic Reporting and Extended Reporting


Available additional modules include:

For more detailed information about what each module provides, please get in touch with Health Metrics or book a demonstration.